What goes around



Eat them one at a time you greedy fuck!

Honestly who are we, kidding in makeup marriage
Describing ourselves, as made up perfection
Whats a compliment without true colors
Whats the point if your canvas is blank
But we’ve always been perfect anyways
And romantic search revolves around us
We’re not the same as them

Irony, doesn’t strike the disguised

This is how I know
You’ve got nothing to show
We’re wandering
It’s how it’s explained
with your extreme displays
And you wonder
Why I wont share a glance

Rivers flow from your windows
Even though you keep them closed
Your voice says nothing
As you scream your lungs out
But it’s okaaaaay
You can wake up with a new guy everyday! (ha har)

I must be doing something right
guys look
Oh I must be quite a sight
My hook
Is just that lie on the outside
How does that make me feel on the inside?

Littering and….?

Littering and….?

I guess no ones perfect, and I’m probably pretty annoying to some. For all I know there could be a million things that I do something that someone doesn’t like.

But still, appearance should be last on your list. Appearance is the last thing you should feel good about.

Whats a good looking person without kindness. A present of coal. How long does the wrapping last? A few minutes.

"I’ll die with a smile so my widow gets jealous"

Why do girls feel the need to touch each other in photos, or position themselves effectively. Its a photo for memories. Its not the start of a porno.

"A little Jive is Good for you" Shot Ben :D


Tour Life


I upgraded Peaches’ leather jacket with a custom studding and painting!! So punk now. Up the catz!


Just because you don’t like certain music doesn’t mean it sucks. While you’re sitting on your ass complaining about them and making no money doing it, they are making money doing what they love and making fans while they are at it.

I must see this movie haha




In this Sherlock Holmes game, the designers forgot to make it so that Watson would actually follow you when you moved, resulting in some freaky Paranormal Activity shit.

this gets funnier every time i watch it

 #actual weeping angel john watson

scary as fuck


Omfg you are so ungrateful

Self deserving is dependent on how you were raised. We’re not born feeling like we deserve the best “stuff”